We Finally made the Move to Wovenmyst.com


We have finally moved.Yes, we are still in our Beta stage but nothing happens over night.

We will not be posting any articles on this website anymore so please if you have been one of our loyal readers please make sure to subscribe to our new website WovenMyst.com via RSS or e-mail.

We are no longer a blog, one of the major changes has been that we have become a Young Adult Magazine. We love books so much that we would love to keep up what we’ve been doing and then some, bringing you the latest news, the best reviews, and great articles by our amazing writers.

We will be having a release party in a few months full of giveaways and amazing articles (Contact us if your interested in participating, WovenMyst@gmail.com), but for now as a thank you for moving with us, we will be giving away a pre-order of your most anticipated 2012 book of your choice up to $15.
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